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Concierge Service Request

Don't have the time to fill out the information on your property? For an additional fee of $200 per residential study and $300 per commercial study, we can do the work for you. Please note that this fee covers assistance exclusively for the initial purchase of the property and does not include any subsequent improvements or modifications. We appreciate your understanding. Kindly allow up to 7 business days for us to complete your report.

Concierge Service Info
Drop file here or click to upload the appraisal.
If no appraisal, we may need to ask additional questions. An appraisal is required for us to provide concierge services on commercial properties; if we find that an appraisal has not been uploaded or cannot be provided, we will have to refund the service fee. *Supported file types: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf
*With 1031 exchange info if applicable

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Add Audit Defense for $295

When selecting this option, if you face an audit and there are questions concerning the cost segregation study procured from diycostseg.com, we will extend our audit support to you. Please note that we will need to be contacted within 5 business days from the first initial correspondence from the IRS in regard to ANY audit situation (regardless if they do not mention the cost segregation studies) otherwise your audit defense will be considered void. Reaching out to the IRS before informing us about the audit will also void the audit defense. Our audit support will encompass all requisite details affirming the initial numbers shared, incurring no additional fees except for the direct travel expenses to the property if needed. It is imperative you furnish detailed photos/videos of the property under any audit circumstances. Failure to provide photos/videos of the property will void the audit defense.

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Please review your input on this page for any errors. Any corrections or changes to the report that need to be made after clicking submit will incur a $49.00 correction fee.